Big Win! Nice Road Trip!

With their 4-2 win tonight over the Indians the Tigers ended a nice road trip that started dismally.

After losing 3 of the first four games on this trip, on the heels of a three game home sweep at the hands of the Angels, the Tigers won 6 of the last 7 to end the longest road trip of the season with a 7-4 record.

Max Scherzer went 7 strong innings, allowing only 2 earned runs, but got a no decision.

The game was tied at 2 going into the 10th.  The Indians were 5-0 in extra inning games, while the Tigers were 2-9.

Even with the recent success, I wasn’t optimistic about ending the Indians’ extra inning winning streak, but I was wrong,  With two out in the 10th, and Cabrera and Fielder on, Victor Martinez hit his second double of the game, driving in 2 and giving the Tigers a 4-2 lead.  Benoit made the runs hold up in the bottom of the 10th and Tigers came away with 7 wins on the 11 game road trip.

Although there wasn’t a lot of offense, the fact that the Tigers scored late to win, is a good sign as their late inning struggles have been well documented.

Since I was ready to run Victor Martinez out of town a week or so ago, he’s made me eat my words.  He has come alive with a 10 game hitting streak and upped his average to .245.  Perhaps, the Tigers do have a five hitter?

A few other notes:

1) TCH got is 20th save tonight.

2) I think a case can be made for Smyly to make the all star team.

3) I’m voting for Benoit.  He’s never made an ASG so I’d like to help get him to one.

4) The White Sox are in town tomorrow with JV on the hill.  Let’s hope we see the JV that pitched in Toronto.

5) I wish JL had left Tuiasosopo in instead of bringing in Dirks late in the game.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

One thought on “Big Win! Nice Road Trip!

  1. Well the title says volumes………..however my vision is not what it once was so I am not sure what I am seeing…….here is what I THINK/HOPE. We are looking at a team that may be starting to come together all around. Lately a larger portion of our offense has come from across the lineup a good thing. Last night a guy named Tuiasosopo tied the game was pulled for a pinch hitter and surprise he got a hit! Our defense just don’t lead anything in errors or passed balls and after watching our backup catcher make a big league play on Swisher and Prince pull off an unassisted double play I like it. Our starting rotation? There are 29 other teams that would kill for five guys period. So that leaves us with the pen. I think they have figured out Benoit & Smyly….however beyond that well as Sark said the other day this team has some holes and IMHO this is the biggest one. Villarreal don’t hear a word? Ortega? and an X factor I don’t know. I think we should start an executive sedan service on I-75. This next home stand could be the runway for a takeoff after the break…….

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