The Tigers’ 7-6 victory this afternoon at Comerica Park is one of the biggest wins of the season.  The Tigers, are struggling, especially, their starting pitching, but found a way to avoid a 4 game sweep at the hands of the Oakland Athletics.

It wasn’t the way I hoped the Tigers would win, by Max Scherzer clearly establishing himself as the ace of the Tigers staff, but a win is a win.  We’ll take it.

For the 4th consecutive day a Tigers starter has failed to last more than five innings.  Today, Max lasted 5 innings, allowed 8 hits, 6 runs, 5 earned, walked 1 and struck out 5.   Fortunately, the bullpen and offense bailed him out.

Luke Putkonen was really outstanding today.  He relived Scherzer in the 6th and stopped the bleeding.  He pitched two innings gave up two hits, and struck out four.  Putkonen’s solid outing couldn’t have come at better time.

Veras and Benoit each pitched a scoreless inning as well.

The Tigers’ offense scratched out 4 runs, with two out, in the bottom of the 9th off of A’s reliever Grant Balfour. The big hit was Torii Hunter’s two run, center field, blast to walk the game off.

The Tribe come to Detroit for a big three game series.  The Tigers are 6 games up with Cleveland facing the Braves in about 30 minutes.  Let’s hope Ricky doesn’t continue this four game, starting pitching funk.  The Tigers could use a long start out of him tomorrow.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “BIG WIN!

  1. Talk about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Another bad pitching performance, although I’m one that believes the A’s had a lot to do with their performance. Max missed on some pitches, but give the A’s credit for taking advantage all series long.

    But I agree the Tigers will live and die by their starting pitching and 3-run homers. With that formula they will to find another part of the game to come through in order to beat the playoff caliber teams.

    One thing that was nice to see today was how the bigger hitters came through after Miggy left the game. Maybe psychologically they rely too much on him, and when he is out they pick it up. And for the record, what the hell was Miggy thinking trying to stretch that double?

  2. Sark…….(1)either it really is this simple (2)you have a crystal ball (3) you sold something to the devil? You really hit some stuff spot on! The biggest lesson from this series is as you said the A’s figured out how to beat what should be the best pitching staff on the planet……..MAKE them throw strikes. work the at bats like a 4hr Red Sox vs Yanks game cause these weren’t four one run games decided in the 9th and the whole world was watching and we shall see in the next 4&1/2 weeks how the enemy attacks our pitching cause with all due respect to the A’s they don’t have 300 hitters. Me thinks something has been exposed. Guess we will find out who makes adjustments. All that off my chest….yes we live and die by the 3 run homer…however the one thing I think I have seen change is DEFENSE. With Iggy up the middle I believe that everyone has picked up their defense a notch so MAYBE if we have strengthened our defense and pitch with deception then we should win some 4hr one run games in October.

  3. Go to Detroit Free Press and read the Shawn Windsor about the Tigers deficiencies…I think he follows this blog.

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