Shawn Windsor: Walk-off was a blast, but Tigers’ deficiencies remain | Detroit Free Press |

Check out this article from Shawn Windsor at the Freep dot com.  Hat Tip to regular Flashin Leather reader and all around good guy, Nebraskaknows for pointing this article out.

Shawn Windsor: Walk-off was a blast, but Tigers’ deficiencies remain | Detroit Free Press |

The story states that JV told Torii he was going to hit a home run and ends with this:

For nearly four games, the A’s outmaneuvered the Tigers, making them appear one-dimensional and archaic. Then the ex-Cy Young winner got in Hunter’s ear and inspired him to be a hero.

Now the question is: Can Hunter can return the favor?

My answer is no.  The only one that can return JV to his previous form is Emily Yuen.  He needs to beg, borrow, and steal, to get her back.  He hasn’t been the same since he went “Hollywood” and left his long time girlfriend.  My question is, can he get her back?  Only Emily can answer that.

Also, I don’t think enough was made about Luke Putkonen’s performance yesterday.  If you just look at the box score his line seems innocuous.  But viewed through the prism of what has been happening, Putkonen’s effort is huge.  Luke did what staff Aces do, stop the bleeding.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural


Doubt he will ever get her back. He had his chance and blew it. But I do think it has totally affected him in a negative way. He is most likely suffering from a little bit of depression. He won’t say, but the results are clear. I doubt he forgot how to pitch overnight.

Very good point about Putkonen………something else to consider is the status of Phil Coke. Haven’t heard anything about him I suspect the next 72 hours will be interesting…

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