Tigers Win 7-2…

the biggest beneficiary of the Jose Iglesias acquisition is going to turn out to be Rick Porcello.  Tigers fans have seen several times over the course of Ricky’s career where he gets opposing teams to hit the ball on the ground but they some how find holes.  The best case in point would be the Angels game back in April.  Ricky didn’t make it out of the first inning of that game and surrendered 9 earned runs.  But when you take a look at it the Angels had maybe 1 or 2 hard hit balls.  The bounces just weren’t going his way.

The second inning of last night’s game had the makings of one of those innings for Ricky.  Carlos Santana lead off with a ground ball down the right field line for a double.  Michael Brantley followed with a ground ball single.  At this point, flashes of the Angels game were going through my mind but the Incredible Iggy thwarted the disastrous inning before it could get started.  Asdrubal Cabrera followed Brantely with a ground ball that looked like it was headed for left field but Jose Iglesias flashed his leather.  Iggy pounced on the ball and started a 6-4-3 double play.

As long as Iggy continues to flash leather, I think were going to see Ricky’s numbers improve dramatically.

Ricky didn’t make it 6 innings but compared to the last 4 Tigers’ starts it was a gem.  Ricky pitched 5 and 2/3, allowed 5 hits, struck out 2 and walked 2.

The game was called after 7 inning due to rain.

Sanchez is on the hill tonight for game two.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “Tigers Win 7-2…

  1. And he was apparently pitching with flu-like symptoms. He is quietly having his best season.

    I can’t say it enough times how impressive the Tigers pitching has been against the Tribe. We’re talking about an all-righty staff against an all-lefty lineup, with a couple of righties sprinkled in.

    And once again the lineup came through with Miggy on the bench. I think they will sit him the rest of series.

    • I’m just kind of concerned what Oakland did to the entire staff save Ricky. If Nebraska is right and they’ve figured out a formula to beat the Tigers’ pitching, they better make some adjustments, soon!!!

      Also, you’re probably right about Emily, I heard rumors that she got married but could never confirm them.

      Poor JV went “Hollywood” and got it shoved right down his throat! Didn’t anybody in his family say anything to him? The only thing I heard was that one of his Uncle’s said Kate Upton was beautiful. Well, that may be but what about Emily? Perhaps, I’m just making things up. Maybe his family didn’t like her. I don’t know and don’t claim to to know. But there does seem to be a confluence of forces, JV sucking and JV breaking up with Emily.

  2. All things considered I still believe there is some tweeking to do in the pen. Amazing Al.. well buckle up with this lead the Tigers are going to run him out there and be as sure as they can about what they have. Phil Coke same thing. Dotel if healthy, Luke P…every arm in the minors. We should be prepared to see some games slip away in the late innings while the experiment is in progress. JMHO

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