Tigers 7 White Sox 6

WOW!  Do I feel like an ass for leaving this game in the top of the 9th.

For the first 8.5 innings, I saw exactly what I expected.  After scoring 12 runs last night and facing who I believe to be the best pitcher in the American League, Chris Sale, the Tigers offense did next to nothing.

Chris Sale was dealing.  Except for Miggy, who had two hits against him, the rest of the lineup was completely and thoroughly dominated.

On the Tigers side of the ledger, Fredrick Alfred Porcello was fantastic.  For 6 and 2/3, Ricky was almost as good as Chris Sale.  Almost as good.  This was a match-up between an Ace and an Ace in waiting.  Ricky allowed only 6 hits and 2 runs while walked nobody and striking out 9.

I’m not sure what has gotten into him but Ricky has been getting a lot of swings and misses lately.  He struck out 10 in his previous start and 9 more today.  If Ricky and Iggy can stay healthy, Porcello will make a bid to win 20 games next year with an ERA well under 4, perhaps 3.50.

Tui was flashin leather tonight.   Jose Veras came in to relieve Ricky.  With two outs and the left handed hitting, White Sox catcher, Bryan Anderson at the plate.  The defense was shaded towards right.  Anderson hit a wounded quail to shallow left field and Tui made a fabulous diving catch to end the inning and save a run.

What can I say about Good Ole Dirksy?  He pinch hit for Tui in the bottom of the 9th with two on and nobody out and delivered a 3 run shot to pull the Tigers to within one run, 6-5.  Good for Andy.  It would be great if got to his 2012 form in time for the playoffs.

After Dirksy’s blast Infante walked bringing Santiago to the plate.  Ramon bunted Infante over to second.  I’m not sure how I feel about this play.  Generally, I don’t like bunting a guy from first to second.  In this case I didn’t particularly care for giving the White Sox pitcher an out when he was having trouble finding the plate.  Couple that with the Tigers’ bats perking up and nobody out and my initial reaction to the sacrifice was revulsion.  Looking back on it, however, it was the bottom of the 9th.  The Tigers were trailing by only a single run and it did get the tying run into scoring position.  It worked out this time but I’m still not sure if I would do it again should the occasion arise in the future.

Other than his inability to run, Miggy looked like his old self at the plate today.  He touched Sale for two hard hit singles and singled in the Tigers’ first run in the 9th.  He left the game with groin tightness and is listed as day to day.  It might be time to give him a day off.

Austin Jackson is struggling.  He was 0-5 with a walk tonight.  He had two hits last night, going 2-6, but he was 0-5 in the final game against the Mariners.  That makes him 2-16 in the last three games.  He needs to get on base so Miggy and Prince have a chance to drive in some runs.  That being said, AJax is a streaky hitter so hopefully he’ll go on a hot streak in time for the postseason.

The Amazing Al pitched well tonight.  He pitched two scoreless innings, the 11th and 12th, and got the win.  He allowed one hit, one walk, and struck out two.

Paul Konerko flashed some leather tonight as well.  He made a game saving, temporarily at least, backhanded pick in the 12th, on a throw in the dirt from third baseman Conor Gillaspie

The magic number is 2.

Sanchez is on the mound tomorrow.

It would be nice if the Astros could help the Tigers out tomorrow but I’m not counting on it.

God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

5 thoughts on “Tigers 7 White Sox 6

  1. I’m surprised you stuck around that long. The game was basically over after Ricky gave up the first run, on his ONLY bad pitch of the night. He was everything I thought he would be tonight and matched Sale pitch for pitch.

    This was a remarkable win, considering the 12 runs they had scored the night before. A shutout was definitely in the cards, and all was in place. I can only credit this win to Robin Ventura, for taking Sale out of this game with a modest pitch count in the 8th inning. Some managers simply over-manage, and I’m accusing him of doing exactly that tonight. Not that it should have led to a complete bullpen meltdown.

    Chris, I have to agree that the Santiago bunt strategy in the 9th inning with zero out was not good. It ended up working out because the Sox bullpen couldn’t find home plate. We didn’t score the run with a hit. Also, consider the very next inning. After a lead off walk to DK Fielder was not called on to bunt. The strategy almost never works and we got lucky.

    It is also good to see my reverse jinx of Dirks continue for a second straight night!! It sure is nice when the pitcher puts a cookie on the platter, but give Dirks credit, he didn’t miss it.

    Don’t expect any help from any teams Cleveland plays. They have one more with the Astros, then 3 at home with the White Sox – minus Sale, and then 4 at Minny. They may not lose another game this year, and that would assure them a spot in the play-in game.

    Back to Porcello… As he is starting to reach his potential, this will give the Tigers a lot of flexibility when it comes to Max, or even JV. I am definitely a proponent of trading one of them in order to keep payroll low enough to afford Miggy.

  2. Sark, regarding the bunt, it would have made more sense to me to bunt early in the game against Sale. They had to know they weren’t going to string together hits against him. I don’t know, the Tigers strategy doesn’t seem to makes sense.

  3. Glad to see the Tigers pull this one out. Porcello was strong for the third straight game. Nice to see this youngster pitch so well.

  4. OK this is real simple……….. if we learn one thing it’s this. The 60W 94L White Sox walked Fielder in the 12th to pitch to Good Ole Dirks after he hit a 3 run homer….and how stupid did that look? Well we all know Dirks drove in the winni……….oh wait that was Omar. The Sox are a 94 loss team and a win is a win. However that move right there shows we have PROBLEMS in left field. I had a guy remind me last night that we had a Delmond Young who played left field and that the cure for a bad glove is a big bat. I am starting to warm up to the Peralta idea.

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