Tigers win ugly, beat Tribe 7-5

This was another ugly game.  There was a combined five errors by both teams.  The Tigers committed 3.

Justin Verlander lasted only five innings, walking four, fanning seven while allowing 3 runs, ALL UNEARNED.

The Good:

  • A win is a win.
  • Ian Kinsler continues his torrid month of April. He was 2-5 with a homer, four RBIs and a stolen base.
  • Joba and Joe Nathan were good out of the bullpen.
  • Miggy and Rajai Davis had two hits

The Bad:

  • The Amazing Al allowed a run in 2/3 of an inning pitched
  • Ian Krol surrendered a home run

The Ugly:

  • The Tigers made three errors and allowed three unearned runs.  They are living dangerously.

The Angels are in town tomorrow.  When’s the last time the Tigers beat the Angels?  Anybody know?

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “Tigers win ugly, beat Tribe 7-5

  1. The last time certainly wasn’t last year. And if the starting pitching doesn’t get their shit together it won’t be this weekend either. JV didn’t give up an earned run, but that doesn’t mean he pitched well. Cuz he didn’t. 113 pitches in 5 innings? Cleveland blows!!

  2. 3 unearned runs…Bingo. I did not get to listen to the broadcast/post game….when Kinsler was thrown out @ 3rd he shot a very long ugly look @ either Hunter or the Tribe catcher and I mean all the way from third to the dugout. Did I miss something?

  3. Nebraska, I was listening on the radio but didn’t hear anything. Perhaps it was missed hit and run? I have no idea.

    Sark, I agree JV wasn’t great but for the most part, the DEFENSE has been an abomination this year!

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