Angels Dust Tigers…Again!

Make it 10 in a row for the Angels over the Tigers and this one wasn’t even close.

The Tigers fell behind 11-1 before scoring five runs to make the final score somewhat respectable.

Drew Smyly’s first start was horrible.  He needed 82 pitches to get through three innings and gave up four earned runs. Luke Putkonen came in for long relief and was worse.  Putkonen was charged with seven earned.

I can’t do a Good, Bad and Ugly on this game for two reasons.  First, the entire game was an abomination.  Second, I woke up late and am getting ready go down to game two of this series.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

One thought on “Angels Dust Tigers…Again!

  1. That’s 5 of the last 6 poorly pitched games by the starters. Only to be outdone by Putkonen. As he started throwing gas on the fire I switched over to the wings, got to see Pavel’s awesome goal. After the wings won I switched back, just in time to see the Tigers had a pulse. 3 runs in, no out, 2nd & 3rd, new pitcher. But alas the inning died on 2 pitches. I cannot believe how bad Miggy has looked so far this year. Until he gets it going this offense is going to sputter, even though 6 runs is more than enough to win a game.

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