Tigers fans, we have a problem…

it’s called the bullpen.  Although, to be fair, Freeway Ricky wasn’t much better.

The Tigers put up 10 runs and jumped out to a 10-1 lead but Tigers pitching and Twins resilience made this game more interesting than it needed to be.

The Good:

  • The Tigers picked up their 12th win with a 10-6 victory over the Twins.
  • Nick Castellanos had three RBIs, two hits, including a two run homer.
  • Andrew Romine flashed some leather at shortstop today.
  • Brian Dozier made an nice running, over the shoulder, basket catch in the top of the ninth and robbed Austin Jackson of a lead off hit.

The Bad:

  • Ricky gave up four earned runs in five plus innings.  He left in the sixth with two on and nobody out.  Justin Miller came in and couldn’t preserve Ricky’s line.  He gave up a single and a double to score the inherited runners.
  • Joe Nathan had to come in for the ninth in a non-save situation.

The Ugly:

  • While the bullpen only gave up one earned run, the Tigers needed five relief pitchers to close out the Twins.

On another note, while Miggy had two hits and an RBI, his ground out in the third was my favorite at bat.  The score was 2-1 entering the third.  Torii Hunter lead off with a double.  Miggy got an inside fastball and was able to pull his hands in and ground out to second allowing Hunter to advance to third with one out.  A week or so ago, he might have pulled that to short and Hunter would probably not have advanced.  It’s early but the little things add up during the course of a 162 game season.

Sanchez goes tomorrow.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural



3 thoughts on “Tigers fans, we have a problem…

  1. Good to see us hit a mediocre pitcher… again. As for RP, he said his hip or wherever he got hit by the line drive in the 2nd inning started to tighten a little. He seemed to lose his command in the 6th. Too bad because he had a good game going against a team that has given him trouble in the past. I still like the way he is pounding the strike zone, and his confidence is growing by each outing.

    • Sark, I saw him get hit but when it got to 10-1 I started flipping back and forth to hockey games. I hope he’s ok. To me, he seems a little high in the strike zone. But I’m sticking with my prediction, 21-7, 2.50 ERA. Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, I just finished Bob Feller’s book. He said the only pitching statistic that counts in wins.

      Also, I want to visit his museum in Van Meter, Iowa. Nebraska has been and said it is pretty sweet. Rapid Robert is another guy I never saw but like because my Mom always talked about him.

  2. On a different note as I listen to our broadcasters talk about vetran leadership and how “good” it was that Hunter talked to A Squared then the manager then Alex comes out….Am I missing something or is this Brads team to manage?

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