Freeway Rick does it again…

he beat the Red Sox into a conniption one more time. Behind eight masterful innings from Tigers’ Ace, and AL Cy Young leader, the Tigers took the Red Sox out behind the woodshed and put the boots to them, but good, thoroughly thrashing them 6-1.

Ricky’s performance harkens me back to a gray, rainy day at Fenway Park in 2009. The shit birds from Boston decided to play tough guy and threw at Tigers hitters, Miggy, if my memory serves me correctly.  When it was the Sox turn to bat, a 20 year old rookie took to the hill.  He knocked down then Red Sox tough guy, Kevin Youkilis and showed the league that a crime against the Detroit Tigers would not go unpunished.  The bald, portly Red Sox hitter charged the mound.  When he arrived, he was in for a big surprise.  The fresh faced, 20 year old, rookie, Tigers, pitcher tossed Youk to the ground like a pile of trash.  And if not for outside intervention and Christian Grace, Youk would have been handed a beating he would not soon forget.

The young Tigers pitcher that day, the 20 year old from New Jersey, was non other than Frederick Alfred Porcello, aka Freeway Ricky.

Five years later, Freeway Rick put it to the Sox again in Fenway.  He threw eight complete, struck out four, walked one and allowed a lucky earned run.

Freeway Ricky was dominant.  The Red Sox didn’t belong on the same field.

If it wasn’t for Porcello’s mastery, I’d be talking about Phil Coke’s nice ninth inning or Miggy’s 3-5 day at the plate.

With no disrespect to the rest of the Tigers team, this was Freeway Ricky’s day. He reached back like a pimp and gave the Red Sox an 18th of May they will never, ever, forget.

Sanchez on the hill tomorrow for the sweep.

Has anybody noticed Miggy is 3rd in the AL in RBIs?

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural

7 thoughts on “Freeway Rick does it again…

  1. RP has exacted revenge on all 3 teams that put up big runs against him last year. He now owns the Red Sox, Orioles and Angels, along with the rest of the league… This has been a remarkable road trip where all the pitchers have absolutely been money, except for that one bad inning by JV… I like that Ausmus isn’t putting out the occasional silly lineup.. He has the pedal to the metal.. 1984 baby!

  2. “1984 baby!” From from your keyboard to God’s ears! 30 years is the limit!!!!! Also, with last night’s performance, Freeway Rick’s ERS is 2.91.

    • So far, I’m liking everything. I just wish we could get August 9th, 2009, “The Day Freeway Rick Beat Youk into A Conniption”, turned into a national, or at least, Tigers Holiday. 🙂

  3. On second thought there is something to look @. Our SS not named Worth is batting under .200 went 0 four last night and booted a ball that was scored a hit and Worth he don’t impress me. I went to a dinner this winter where DD was a speaker and he repeated that this team is always trying to get better. I still go places where I hear Drew and June in the same sentence and that is just 14 games away?

  4. I was thinking last night that based on the poor Romine at-bats, Worth should get more of the playing time for now. Neither is going to make us forget Iggy, but still think they can get the job done.. Drew would suck for at least a month since he hasn’t played meaningful baseball in 8 months, and other than him being LH I don’t see him as a significant upgrade.. On another note, since he is pitching tonight and hasn’t really contributed much of anything.. And for what my two cents are worth… If the Tigers really wanted to be bold this trade deadline, how about Sanchez for a young corner outfielder, and use the Sanchez money to sign Max.. With the emergence of Porcello, Sanchez becomes expendable, if we want to keep Max.. Rather have Max than Annibelle..

  5. Well hadn’t thought along those lines. I see RP is sore and will miss a start and Ray will get another spot start which will be interesting to watch.As reported by Chris Lott Dirks is on track to return early June he also report that Hanrahan has been shut down from bullpen and sent back to long toss. Putkonen goes to see Dr. Andrews and well I suspect the future of Robbie Ray and Korey Knebel is closer to Detroit than anywhere else. Interesting to see how good/far Sanchez goes tonight.

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