Tigers earn split with A’s 5-4

Despite Joe Nathan’s best effort to blow his third save in the last 10 games, the Tigers found a way to squeak out a 5-4 victory and split the four game series with the A’s.

What makes this win more impressive is that they Freeway Ricky Porcello failed to provide a quality start despite winning his eighth game of the season.  Ricky’s performance was maddening. He pitched in and out of trouble all day long and gave up seven free passes, six walks and one HBP.  What was even more exasperating than the free passes was giving up a two run homer to Nick Punto. NICK PUNTO!?

The last two times through the rotation, Tigers starters, with the exception of Sanchez, have blown.  They better right the ship soon because like Peter Gammons says, “if you can’t pitch, you can’t win.”

With the exception of Joe Nathan, the bullpen was adequate.  However, the Amazing Al walked two in his inning of work.

That brings me to Nathan.  He has three blown saves and has a 5.23 ERA.  I hope Brad Ausmus has a plan B for the closer role.  Additionally, after his post game comments yesterday, I’m beginning to question his character.  I’ll be the first to admit that Castellanos is not good at third but he didn’t give up the home run to Donaldson.  So man up, JACKASS, and accept the fact that you’ve blown this year.  Instead of blaming the rookie start earning your money suck-hole.

On the flip side of the coin, this Tigers team has shown a type of resiliency that I haven’t seen for a long time.  They play for nine innings and on most nights, I get the feeling that they expect to win.  I guess time will tell.


“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

4 thoughts on “Tigers earn split with A’s 5-4

  1. That’s Nick F—ing Punto, to coin the name the Sox fans gave Bucky Dent after the game 163 homer many a year ago. When that HR happened today I started wondering if this just isn’t our year… But I give RP a lot of credit for the win today. Unlike some other starters recently, he made some serious pitches when needed. I honestly thought the ump was squeezing him on a lot of his inside-outside pitches. A’s didn’t hit him all that hard, just didn’t have his best stuff. But looked here, RP is 8-2!! Good call so far Chris… Oh, and did I say Nathan blows? JV against Iwakuma tomorrow. Not liking our chances, so time for JV to step it up.

    • Sark, I remember that game 163. I think it was 1978 and Don Zimmer was the manager of the Red Sox. That’s another game I watched with my Mom.

      You’re right, Ricky made some good, stressful pitches and kept them to only two runs so he deserves credit for that.

      I’m not sure what to think about Nathan. I was ragging on VMart at the beginning of last season and look what he’s done. The only thing is, Nathan isn’t just coming off of the DL. And blaming Castellanos was bush league. What a JackASS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well again all I saw was the highlights………..so again I ask @$20M how bad will it get for Nathan? On a totally unrelated note every negative thing you have ever heard about Philly sports fans is TRUE! I am so proud to be from Detroit!

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