Tigers 6 Mariners 3

I think we can put to rest the stories about JV losing his velocity.  He threw 17 pitches tonight at 95 MPH or above.  Instead, I think his issues have been command and not pitching inside.  That being said, he pitched well tonight.  He went seven and two thirds and allowed three runs, struck out seven and walked one.  Really, his only blemish to was the homer to Kyle Seagar. At least it wasn’t to the Ackley Kid. 🙂

I know Seattle is not really a powerhouse team but the Tigers don’t seem to play very well there so this was a very impressive outing for JV.

Ok, it is way past time to say this but Miggy and Victor are smokin balls!  Miggy hit a two run shot and Victor hit a three run homer after Legendary Lloyd McClendon intentionally walked Miggy in front of him.

Let’s see if Smyly can put in a good performance tomorrow.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “Tigers 6 Mariners 3

  1. OK….Who want’s this one? There is one pundit out there who believes that JV needs “pressure” to preform. He or the team need to struggle to get up on the “big” stage. Crazy right?

  2. I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with that assessment. I still think he is getting back into shape following the hernia surgery. Miggy had it a couple of months prior to JV and struggled out of the gate. He appeared to have no legs and it affected his timing and bat speed. He managed to have a few good games, but mostly bad. JV has been mostly in and out as well, and without his legs he will never get the drive and power he requires to throw 95+… If he is giving away games because the stakes aren’t high enough then it could cost him a shot at the HOF. Nor would I care for him much as a teammate….. Sorry for a non-baseball related comment but I went to the Div 1 High School girls tennis finals today. All I can say is the competition was outstanding and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Chris I know you’re a fan of women’s tennis and you would have enjoyed the matches today.

    • Sark, we can talk about anything here! 🙂 It is funny you mentioned women’s tennis because I’m trying to find the French Open on TV right now.

      I like women’s tennis because the rallies are longer and it seems like there is more strategy. The men’s game seems like it is all about power.

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