Mariners 3 Tigers 2

So, I’m not feeling well and as a result I fell asleep after the second inning.

Despite only pitching 4 innings Smyly’s line doesn’t look too bad.  That being said, Drew ran into some bad luck in the second.  The Mariners were able to score on a ball Castellanos should have gotten to, a wounded quail and a swinging bunt.

I’m really having my doubts about Castellanos.  His hitting is OK but his fielding is horrible.

Let’s see if Max can deliverer a winning west coast trip.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

One thought on “Mariners 3 Tigers 2

  1. You’re lucky to have missed most of this one. I too fell asleep after the 5th. Though he didn’t get hit hard Smyly is his own worst enemy. With his horribly slow pace and lack of command on the mound he is creating a condition that position players don’t like, boredom. Pitchers like him are more likely than not to get poor defensive play behind them. He will either need to resolve this or the team will have no choice but to move him back to the pen. He is not giving his team a chance to win right now… I guess we can add Willie Blumquist to the list of Tiger killers, along with David Murphy, Brian Dozier, Joe Crede, etc….

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