Mariners 4 Tigers 0

I wonder if Max is reconsidering the contract offer the Tigers made him?

This game was disgusting.  Max failed to put in a quality start.  He gave up four earned runs and was out pitched by newcomer Roenis Elias.

On that note, Elias made the Tigers offense look like a carnival of assess.  In nine innings, the Tigers could manage only three hits.

The Blue Jays are coming to town today and the way things are going, if the offense doesn’t out hit them, the Tigers are in a lot of trouble.

Basically, the pitching is making me sick.

FYI: Castellanos was charged with an error in this game.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

2 thoughts on “Mariners 4 Tigers 0

  1. Glad I missed that one… Some observations at the 1/3 mark… Playing their best against the best, and worst against the worst… Still have the deepest starting pitching in the AL, not including Smyly who has taken a huge step back this year… Outside of Miggy and VMart the hitting has been very spotty… Defense has been spotty, but still better than last year, especially at 1B… Still the best in this division.. I expect a strong push from the White Sox… They don’t have the pitching depth, but they do have Sale and he will no doubt pitch every series against us… Given how well they have played against the better teams we should expect a good week ahead.. I agree Chris, Max needs to step it up or he will regret that decision…

  2. Well again I did not see this however when your manager describes it as the “flattest” game of the year ..well not good. I keep reminding myself this team has 2 Cy Young pitchers and a triple crown winner and a whole bunch of guys that were in the ALCS last year so I am trying not to be nervous however…….

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