Tigers Sweep A’s 9-2

WOW! I never expected the Tigers to sweep the A’s.

This was a big three games series. (I guess as big as you can get in the first half of the season.) The Tigers were able to win the first game despite a sub-par start from Drew Smyly. In game two they got a lights out performance from Freeway “Pretty” Ricky. Today the Tigers got a good start from JV. I guess, as Sark always says, as the starting pitching goes, so goes the Tigers.

I’m getting a little fired up now. I hope I’m not treated to another 9-21 run.

The Rays come to town tomorrow Max v Eric Bedard.

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural

6 thoughts on “Tigers Sweep A’s 9-2

  1. One of the scribes asked BA last night if it was just as simple as “as goes the starting pitching so go the Tigers” his response was well not quite but close. Myself I suspect we need more pen to get where we want to go. in the mean time let’s go Max!

  2. I wasn’t surprised JV waited all of one batter to give up more runs than RP. But I was surprised at how he pitched the rest of the way. This teams’ identity is starting pitching and that will be what takes them where they want to go. A good bullpen is a helpful bonus, but outside of a handful there are many teams who could use some better arms. The A’s come to mind.. I think their pitching is good, but not nearly good enough to get them over the hump.. Hopefully we can turn this into some consistent play at home so I feel more comfortable shelling out some cash to go watch a game or two.. They should beat up on the Rays this weekend, but I’ll stop short of saying they will.

  3. Sark come on out next week watch LA……check out Puig & see if Chris Perez brings his dog…..

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