Freeway Ricky Porcello…

is the new ace of the Tigers staff. He pitched his second consecutive complete game shutout as the Tigers beat the A’s 3-0 at Comerica Park.

I think the most impressive part of the game was that Ricky needed only 95 pitches to get through all 9 innings.

One interesting / odd thing about FR’s line is that he didn’t walk or strike out anyone.

Ricky’s last two starts reminded me of JV, vintage 2012, except that Ricky is a ground ball pitcher and JV tends to get more fly outs.

In any case, Ricky has to be in the CY Young discussion, at this point in the season, at least.

The Tigers go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon with a former ace on the hill.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

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2 thoughts on “Freeway Ricky Porcello…

  1. The fact that there were no “K’s” gets my attention & on pace for 20 wins if nothing else it may make some pundits rethink the Fister deal. I really want to see what tomorrow’s starter looks like

  2. As good as I’ve ever seen Ricky pitch, and this is against the leading offense. This has to do wonders for his confidence. I agree Chris, he is the clear ACE of this staff at this point in the season. And he is only going to get better. Another reason for ace status is how much the defense must love playing behind him. He throws strikes and allows the ball to be put in play. Defenders aren’t bored and in ready mode.

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