Tigers 4 Dodgers 1

Impressive, is the best way to describe this win.  Not only did Max break the string of crappy starts, the Tigers beat a pitcher that has dominated them, Zach Greinke.

In yesterday’s post, I asked for at least seven innings with no more that two runs allowed.  Max did one better.  He pitched seven completed and allowed only one run.

Another thing that makes this win impressive is that neither Miggy nor Victor were in the lineup.  Victor still has an issue with his side and apparently, Miggy was just given a day off.

Nebraska told me that Brad Ausmus wanted to get DK in the lineup because he has hit Greinke well.  Coming into the game DK was 3-8 against Greinke, hardly a large enough sample, but Donny went 2-3 with a big RBI.

What I’m happiest about today is the pitching.  Max was great and Joba and Nathan were lights out.  If Tigers starters can go seven innings a lot of the deficiencies can be covered up.

The Tigers go to Kansas City for weekend set-to with Royals. Depending on what team shows, the Tigers could have a nice lead going into the break.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

6 thoughts on “Tigers 4 Dodgers 1

  1. Nothing to kick about here. As goes the starting pitching so goes………well you know. Let’s hope the biggest “down” of the KC series is finding a way to watch the Sat. game!

  2. Of interesting note is how well the Tigers seem to play against the ‘alleged’ best teams in baseball.. Yes, we missed Kershaw.. But Grienke is no slouch.. And the Korean was supposed to be the next best thing… DK is one of those players the coaches dream about having on the bench… Only plays once a week, if that.. Never complains, and actually produces once in a while… Not surprised he does well when asked to play.. Invaluable to any team because of his versatility… I would be shocked if he was the odd man out if Dirks ever returns….. A split in KC would be acceptable, given that Smyly is the opener and JV the closer… Hopefully the starting pitching is back on the rebound..

  3. Sark to your point according to @Chris_lott from Mlive the Tigers are 16-7 against teams who currently reside in playoff spots….for what it’s worth.

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