Blue Jays 6 Tigers 5

Another series loss.

Don’t let the five runs fool you. Three of the five runs were unearned and they didn’t score after the fourth inning. That’s 14 innings without scoring a run. The Tigers get credit for taking advantage of mistakes but they eventually returned the favor in spades.

Besides Joba Chamberlain, who is turning out to be the guy the Yankees let go, the bullpen was good today. Even Phil Coke pitched adequately, he was hurt by bone head fielding plays from Kinsler and Castellanos.

There is no other way to say this, the Tigers are horrible. Their lead over the Royals is down to 1/2 a game and they are headed for a catastrophic implosion. The offense is almost as bad as the bullpen. The fielding is borderline terrible and the manager sits their like an idiot and does nothing to shake things up.

On another note, did anybody see the Joe Nathan interview after the game yesterday? When is he going to take responsibility for pitching like shit? He’s blown six saves and has a 5.23 ERA. If I’m not mistaken, both his ERA and blown saves are the worst in MLB.

Also, Max Scherzer was covering BA’s ass. You could tell he was lying when he said he had nothing left.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

2 thoughts on “Blue Jays 6 Tigers 5

  1. Bingo….as far as Nathans interview, not cool…..the difference….if it had been Phil Coke he would have said “I sucked” not” well with a runner on maybe Miggy was out of position.” JV “the way I pitched I’d boo me too” I am starting to think BA has the potential to be one and done. What about you? At least it’s getting hot. I REALLY want to pay my post season ticket package this week.

  2. I’d hold off on that playoff ticket purchase. I liked the overall grit they showed yesterday, when they could have easily folded in several of the extras.. However I’m starting to see some real talent issues creep in to this team. Yes, I agree BA should be gone after this latest implosion. I would guess Saturday went down something like Max telling BA he was done because this year it’s all about Max. He wants to pitch well enough to pad the stats, but doesn’t want to extend himself to the point of injury risk. This is creating a huge conflict of interest for this team. Billy Martin would have told him get your ass out there and pitch the 9th. This team has no reason to protect Scherzer from injury since he is not going to be here next year. Pitch him into the ground while he is here under contract. As for yesterday, that whole mess is the fault of one David Price. Though many runs were unearned he was staked to a 5-0 lead and blew it. Only pitched 6 innings and not very well at that. And we all know a 6-inning start isn’t good enough on this team. Finally, stupid decisions made by JL, I mean Lamont. Took out the 2 guys who drove in all the runs yesterday for defensive replacement. Pinch run Holoday for Avila? No, it’s time to blow this thing up!! Sadly though, they’ll probably still pull this division out. But so what, most of the playoff games will be away..

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