Tigers 5 Pirates 2

The offense hit well, the pitchers pitched well, and the Tigers won their second in a row.

Well, not all of the pitchers pitched well, Phil Coke was horrible, but Joba came in to clean up the mess and save the game.

Max was absolutely smokin’ balls. Fourteen Ks in eight innings. It looks like his plan for a bigger payday might be working out. I’ll bet he ends up with the Yankees next season.

J.D. Martinez was 2-3 with a bomb and two RBIs and Nick Castellanos was 2-4 with two RBIs.

Interestingly, after Coke gave up two runs in ninth and created a save situation, Ausmus called Joba’s number not Nathan’s. I was wondering what the crowd reaction was going to be if that shit dog came into the game. I was hoping he’d get booed out the stadium no matter what he did.

Also, Joba tipped his hat to the crowd after the game. I wonder if that was his version of a Bronx cheer, taking another shot at the crowd?

I really want Nathan gone. I know he apologized but I don’t care. He has shown Tigers fans, on several occasions, his true colors. (Remember when he blamed his blown save on Castellanos?)

A very wise person once told me, “when a person tells you who they are – believe them.”

Up yours Nathan you shit bird.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “Tigers 5 Pirates 2

  1. Max officially planted himself firmly on my shit list last Saturday, when he took himself out of the Toronto game and declared he was ‘spent’ after 105 pitches. Yet somehow today he threw 120. Why? He did the same thing in game #2 last year and cost his team a chance at a world series. I hope he ends up in NY, because as much as Detroit is where good relief pitchers come to die, NY is the equal for starting pitchers. The Tigers, with zero intention of resigning him (see David Price trade), should be pitching Max hard and not worry about long-term affects. That gives the 2014 team the best chance to win it all.

    • Sark, I think Scherzer was covering for BA? I don’t really think he told Ausmus he couldn’t go back out. I guess that’s just my opinion.

      What was he going to say, ‘I’m tired. Take me out and bring in the Shit Bird.” 🙂

  2. I think I am ready to give up. Watched a shot at a World Series fly out the window in 2013 on the wings of a pen that could not hold a lead. After the last two nights I don’t think I want to pay to see this movie again.

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