Giants 8 Tigers 2

Horrible. Freeway Ricky was a nightmare. He started off bad and got worse. I’m never an apologist for the offense but they never had a chance. The defense was no help but this was the worst I’ve seen Ricky pitch in a long time. There were some hits off of good pitches but he still got hit hard.

A contending team just cannot have this kind of inconsistency throughout the lineup. The offense is very streaky and the starting pitching has become the same way. The Tigers have the last three Cy Young winners and they can’t count on any of them every fifth day.

I’m pissed and I’m beginning to hate them again.

2 thoughts on “Giants 8 Tigers 2

  1. Horrible…I’ll agree with that. Did not loot like a contender or much of anything else in this game. They are running short of time and we are going to find out about what they are or aren’t REAL quick. Pick up there game or their golf clubs…

  2. Looks like the entire starting pitching has gone bust! With a 4-0 deficit already today I thinks it’s safe to declare this game lost. Wish I had planned to find something better to do this afternoon.

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