Tigers 7 Indians 2

I was wrong.

When J.D. Martinez started to struggle around the All-Star break, I thought he was proving to be the latest incarnation of Chris “Red Pop” Shelton and Brennan “B Squared Money” Boesch. I figured he had a few months in the sun but was the player the Astros cut.

I was wrong.

Besides his two-run homer and four RBIs tonight, where would the Tigers be without him?

In 107 games and 383 at-bats, Martinez is hitting .305 with 21 home runs and 69 RBIs. At times, he has carried the offense, especially against the Indians.

The Royals lost for the second time in a row and Tigers have moved into first place by .5 game.

I was wrong about J.D. and glad for it.

2 thoughts on “Tigers 7 Indians 2

  1. JD was a bar topic back in June/July, about whether he was a flash-in-the-pan. My response was no, he is a legit major league hitter, and if/when he learns how they will pitch him with soft stuff away, he will be a dynamic hitter. I agree with you completely, he is no doubt the Tigers MVP this year. Completely lost without him. Price finally makes the trade for him look good. Up to now that trade has been a bust.

  2. Not completely sure the Price deal is all on Price your offense still has to score one more run than the opponent. However this is going to be an interesting sprint to the finish. If the A’s & Royals continue to implode it will be interesting to see who rises? And I am glad they did not overpay for Jim Johnson. Tigers need to get healthy…

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