Hmmm Look Out Below?

Before the start of the 2015 baseball season, at the draft of one of my fantasy baseball leagues, regular reader, Sark, predicted that the Minnesota Twins might be a threat in the A.L. Central this season.

I really wasn’t sure what to make of this prediction.  I didn’t like their dismissal of Ron Gardenhire, perhaps my favorite manager, and I didn’t see any big improvements they made made to their roster, although I didn’t follow them that closely in the off season, and after the Tigers torched them to open the season, I didn’t think much more about them. But did anyone notice that they swept a four game series from the White Sox this weekend?

Thursday they beat Chris Sale into a conniption hanging nine runs on him in three innings.  Friday they beat them 1-0. Saturday they won 5-3 and today they finished off the sweep with a 13-3 annihilation.  They are now in third place, one game over .500, and 7-3 in their last 10.

Sark, you may be on to something.  It’s early, but as Nebraska says, “we shall see”.

4 thoughts on “Hmmm Look Out Below?

  1. My prediction was based on a great conversation I had with former Tiger Milt Cuyler, while I was at Tiger Fantasy Camp in January… Milt is the Class A hitting coach for the Twins and coached many of the young hitters now on the MLB roster. As most of us remember last season the Twins beat the shit out of the Tigers the second half of the season. They have the hitters but probably don’t have the pitching to hold up for the long haul… As for the White Sox, does anyone think Ventura survives the All-star break? I don’t. I’m hoping the Tigers stick a fork in them this week…

  2. Ventura past the break? Well Ron Roenicke is available. As far as Ventura being the dumbest?….Bert Blyleven has a twitter account @BertBlyleven28 and it took me almost a month to get blocked for firing on his “ugly” downtown Detroit comment and every time we play the Twins this season I am gonna keep firing on that stupid broadcaster. Please feel free to join in the endeavor as you see fit…I’ll get off the soap box now!

    • I forgot about that shit bird Blyleven. For a while I remembered to tweet Blyleven is a puke but have been derelict in my duties. I shall commence at once sir. However, Ventura, is a complete idiot, basically he doesn’t know whether to crap his pants or wind his watch. To often, he chooses the former.

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