White Sox 5 Tigers 2

The Tigers have a problem in Shane Greene.  He started off ok but I think this is four bad starts in a row.  He didn’t make it out of the third today.  He couldn’t find the plate at all. That being said, the Tigers had chances.

The top of line up set the table but the middle of the lineup was atrocious.  They are going to need Jose Miguel Cabrera to get some clutch, two out, RBIs if they are ever going to beat good pitching.  This was a very disappointing game .  They lost to the dumbest manager in the game.

Not this garbage again.

2 thoughts on “White Sox 5 Tigers 2

  1. Yikes! I’m going to the game this Sunday and I think Greene is pitching. I’m pretty sure it was that article in the local rag, after he was 3-0, handing him the CY award. Could the 3-5 hitters look any worse than tonight? I hate to say it, but Miggy seems to struggle against the extreme hard throwers. Tomorrow is another.

  2. I suspect that Greene is a young pitcher finding his way on the big stage. Kinda like Ricky P we are going to get to watch him grow up.Let’s hope for more good days than bad days. The up side as best I could tell was our pen actually held up well. Wilson gave 3 good innings and two positive back to back outings. Hardy has not done anything wrong that I can see so maybe…..the pen can sort itself out. Best thing I saw last night.

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