4 thoughts on “Vladimir Nikolaevich Konstantinov

  1. Great tribute! How many Cups could the Wings have won with him? Could he have over-shadowed Nick for some of his awards (taking NOTHING away from Lidstrom)? He’s the type of player the Wings have needed for so long, just someone to instill fear into the opposing forwards!

    • Mike, I’m on the same page as you are! When Vlad got hurt he was Norris Trophy material. I’m my opinion he was the best defenseman in the world. You don’t replace players like Vlad easily if at all!! I think the Wings would have won at least 1 more cup.

      Also, don’t forget the loss of Jiri Fischer. He was another world class defenseman.

      “Live not by lies.” Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn


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