Remembering Bob Probert…

Hat Tip to Big Johnny.

Bob Probert was probably the best enforcer to ever play the game of hockey.  He played for the Red Wings from 1985-1994.  He was my favorite player of that era and one of my favorite players of all-time.  I still wear his #24 jersey to home games. He was trouble for opponents on the ice and troubled off the ice.  The Red Wings honored him at HockeyFest this past Sunday, 9/13/2015.

Here’s a link to a post on Red Wings dot com.

Kocur wrapped up the event with how he will always remember his best friend.

“How I remember him was the toughest player ever, and I mean ever, to play in the NHL,” Kocur said. “With all the talent he had, he still had to do all that fighting and everybody knew it. If you ask every other tough guy in the NHL, there’s only one name going to the top of that list and that’s Probie.

Bob Probert Memorial Jersey Poster
Bob Probert Memorial Jersey Poster