Tigers 6 Orioles 5

Could the break the Tigers got on the J.D. Martinez check swing in the 8th be the turning point in the dismal 2016 season? ¬†I’ve seen stranger things happen.

Here are a few observations after the call:

  1. Miggy, followed with the go ahead solo homer.
  2. The bullpen didn’t give the runs back in the bottom of the 8th.
  3. K-Rod pitched a clean 9th.

This might be wishful thinking but I am an eternal “optimist”. ūüôā

They’re back home tomorrow against the Twins.


Orioles 7 Tigers 5

The the Tigers could have add on runs but if you can’t hold a 5-0 lead, you are in a lot of trouble.

Ladies and Gentleman, the Tigers are in a lot of trouble. The starters are only good for 5-6 innings and the bullpen may be the worst we have seen since, well, 2015.

BA sat Nick “The Quick” the night before. ¬†He’s back in the lineup yesterday and goes 0-5.

The only manager worse than Ausmus is Robin Ventura.

Speaking of Ventura, remember when Nolan Ryan beat him into a conniption?


Nationals 3 Tigers 2

Zimmerman was good but Max was on fire. ¬†That being said, despite striking out 20 times the Tigers still had chances but couldn’t get the key hit.

Now, can someone explain why Brad Ausmus didn’t have Nick “The Quick” in the lineup? ¬†I understand there is no designated hitter but how do you sit Casteallanos in the middle of this run he’s on. ¬†This might be crazy but Miggy should have been the odd man out today.

How do you sit Nick “The Quick” ?

Nationals 5 Tigers 4

Make it seven losses in a row. Again, the bullpen couldn’t hold a lead. ¬†And again, Mark Lowe is doing his best Joba Chamberlain imitation. ¬†I think it’s time to try someone other than Lowe.

From what I’ve seen so far, the 2016 season is looking like a disaster. ¬†The starters aren’t pitching late into the game and the bullpen is, well, an abomination. ¬†Hmmmm, this sounds familiar.


It is looking like it.

Thirty games into the season the Tigers are 14-16. ¬†They win five in a row and then lose 5 or 6 in a row. ¬†This looks a lot like last year when nothing was in sync. When the starters are good, they get no run support. ¬†When the offense is good, the pitching gives up 5+ runs. ¬†I won’t get into the bullpen ¬†either.

Unfortunately, I think we are in for another long season.

I hope I’m wrong.

Another Debacle

by popular demand, I’m reposting this from a week or so ago.

“The Tribe completed their sweep of the Tigers on Sunday with 6-3 thrashing.

The Tigers are struggling mightily, perhaps non more than the Mighty Miggy.  Although Miggy always starts slow, the start to this season is exceptionally so.

There were two things from Sundays game that really annoyed me. First, having Miggy pinch hit with the bases loaded. ¬†I know he was the go-ahead run but he is only hitting .210 and expecting his slow bat to produce a big pinch hit, late in the game, I think was more hope than anything else. ¬†What does Nebraska say, ‚Äúhope is not a strategy‚ÄĚ?

Second, BA‚Äôs complaining about the the tape on the ring finger of the Indians pitcher was more desperation and frustration than anything else. ¬†I was irritated, I thought it was un-called for and just another sign of the funk this team is in.”

They’re makin me mad!!!