A Guy Like John Scott

This is a fantastic article written by 2016 All-Start Game MVP, John Scott.

I bet you didn’t know he has an engineering degree from Michigan Tech.

From The Player’s Tribune:

…I’ve seen my name in the news, on the press release, on the official rosters. But even still: there’s just something about gear, you know? I, John Scott, from Michigan Tech, at 33 years old … have All-Star gloves

Good on you John! I’m glad you were voted in, I’m glad you played, I’m glad you won, and your cute kids will be very proud of you!


In case you haven’t heard, Hockey’s last enforcer, John Scott, captained the winning team the 2016 NHL All-Star Game on Sunday.


For good measure, he scored two goals and was named the game’s MVP.

I’m happy for Scott.  He seems to have an infectious, positive personality, former teammates seem to genuinely like and respect him and he has more skill than he gets credit for.

I hope the Canadiens bring him up.

Good on you John!