Tigers Win, Scherzer 19-1

Despite only scoring 3 runs on 15 hits the Tigers managed to beat Matt Harvey and the Mets 3-0.

Max Scherzer was cruising along and looked like he would go deep in the game but two at bats in the bottom of the 5th significantly shortened Max’s start.  Juan Lagares led off the inning and worked Max for a walk on 12 pitches.  John Buck followed and made Scherzer throw him 8 pitches before flying out to right field.  Max needed 35 pitches to get out of the 5th but kept the Mets off the board.

Scherzer’s final line was 6 innings, 3 hits, 11 strikeouts and 4 walks.  The 4 walks are a season high for Scherzer.  Max is only the third player in MLB history to start a season 19-1.  The last to do it was Roger Clemens in 1986.  Before Clemens, Rube Marquard, went 19-1 in 1912 for the New York Giants.

This game should have been a blow out but the Tigers lack of speed, coupled with their lack of extra base power today, kept the Mets in the game.  In the seventh, the Tigers looked like they would open the flood gates but failed to score on 4 consecutive singles. With one out, Infante and Cabrera singled, bringing Fielder up with runners on first and second.  Fielder delivered a single to left and Tom Brookens sent Infante home.  This was one of the worst sends by a third base coach I’ve ever seen.  Infante was out by 45 feet.  Tui then followed with another single to load the bases.  Torii Hunter, who didn’t start the game, came in to pinch hit for Andy Dirks, who was 3-3, and grounded into a fielder’s choice to end the inning and keep the score at 2-0.

The Tigers scored 2 runs off of Matt Harvey on 13 hits.  The 13 hits allowed are a career high for him.

The Tigers go for the sweep tomorrow with Rick Procello on the mound facing Dillon Gee.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

Score One For The Good Guys

Soon to be Hall of Fame pitcher, Roger Clemens, was aquitted of all charges made against him by a congresssional inquisition.  Clemens walked into the den of vipers and thieves, and other than a little lighter in the wallet, emerged unscathed.

It didn’t take the jury long to aquit Clemens, only 10 hours after 9 weeks of testimony.  Apparently, being accused of lying, by pathological liars, was more than the jury could take.

Here’s a link to an article on MLB dot com.

“It’s a wonderful game, this baseball. ” -David Schoenfield| ESPN.com


from federal tyranny.

Obama has sent his Einsatzgruppen after
former major league pitcher, Roger Clemens.  Clemens is facing prison
time for allegedly lying to congress about his steroid use.  Of course,
they don’t have a shred of evidence, but the facts don’t matter to these
modern day Torquemadas.

While the American people have
mountains of evidence that 99% of all elected officials in Washington
D.C., and their staffs, routinely lie to 300 million people, this band
of worthless Eichmann are trying to put a man in jail because he didn’t
give them the answers they wanted to questions they had no business

From Lew Rockwell dot com, A Tale of Two Congressional Testimonies, by William Anderson:

New York Times and all of the usual mainstream media outlets were
blaring out the news that the Obama Department of “Justice” had indicted
former perennial all-star pitcher Roger Clemens on charges of “lying to
Congress.” Indeed, with the DOJ actively pursuing cycling legend Lance
Armstrong allegedly for using steroids (although Armstrong, who has been
randomly tested often, never failed a drug test), it seems that the
government is ramping up its efforts to imprison as many prominent
athletes as possible.

Clemens’ indictment, I believe, is a new
low, especially since the “evidence” that the government has is based
upon conflicts in testimony given by Clemens and his former trainer,
Brian McNamee, and another statement by a former Clemens friend who says
that Clemens told him that he took human growth hormone about 10 years
ago. In other words, we have a “criminal” case based entirely upon

Keep in mind that Major League Baseball at
the time had not banned any of the products that Clemens is alleged to
have taken, and, furthermore, MLB is a private organization, and
breaking the rules of private organizations should not be a crime,
period. Last year, Candice E. Jackson and I had this article in which we
examine the tactics that the federal government has used to criminalize
actions that might not even be violations of private rules, much less
infractions of criminal law.

Another thing to keep in
mind, Roger Clemens is more useful while he’s taking a crap than all
three branches of the federal government, minus Ron Paul, are on their
best days.

God help us!