Behind Feeway Rick, Tigers take series 2-1

This was a big win.  Not only did the Tigers win the game but they won the series with the Angels, 2-1.  Prior to yesterday’s game, the Tigers had dropped 10 in a row to the Angels.

The Tigers got seven strong innings from Ricky then turned it over to the pen.  Ian Krol, the Amazing Al, and Joe Nathan finished out the game and series.

The Good:

  • Freeway Rick
  • The Bullpen
  • Alex Avila threw out Howie Kendrick at second in the fourth inning.

The Bad:

  • The offense was horrible.  They managed only five hits and two runs and were aided by four Angels errors.

The Ugly:

  • Alex Avila was 0-3 with two backwards Ks.
  • Miggy was 0-3 with two backwards Ks
  • The Tigers as a team left 18 runners on base.

Chisox come to town tomorrow.

God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

2 thoughts on “Behind Feeway Rick, Tigers take series 2-1

  1. You picked the ugly………..and now the Lombardozzzzzi deal looks like twin sisters I would not want to wake up to! DD has a long season ahead of him to swallow this. While I suspect our first base coach was the force behind Gonzo the guy that signed off on this one is going to hear this and the word career in the same sentence. On the plus side we will see Kinsler first to home for a long time…….to bad it only counts for one W.

  2. This one was Ricky’s revenge. He is quietly developing into the next #2 behind JV. What has become obvious with this team is they will go as the starting pitching goes. Especially considering Miggy could be lysis year’s VMart -slow start better second half. They are exploiting the weaknesses he developed during the last two months of last year. He has looked awful and will cost this team a lot of runs until he comes around. I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve never seen him slump for this long.

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