White Sox 3 Tigers 1

This is looking like an old, familiar, theme.  All pitching and no offense.  Like most of the last few years, if the Tigers don’t get shut down pitching, they aren’t going to win.

Anibal wasn’t great, but holding the opposition to three runs, ain’t bad either. Unfortunately, the Tigers could only manage one run.

The Good:

  • He only lasted 6 and 1/3 but Sanchez’s outing should have been good enough.
  • The bullpen. Ian Krol, Even Reed and Justin Miller shut the Sox out for 2 and 2/3.

The Bad:

  • This offense is embarrassing.  The Tigers managed only one run on five hits.
  • The defense, two more errors today.

The Ugly:

  • Miggy took another ofer and is now hitting .206

I know we’re only three weeks in but, THEY’RE MAKIN’ ME MAD!!!

On another note, I just finished Bob Feller’s Little Black Book of Baseball Wisdom, and found another great quote.  Feller said trying to throw a fastball by Teddy Ballgame was like trying to get a ray of sunlight past a rooster at 4:30 am.


“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

4 thoughts on “White Sox 3 Tigers 1

    • Well, right now he does. But he has a nice track record so let’s give him more times before we move him into a category with A Squared Money. 🙂

  1. I am not sure yet………..however errors are not a recipe for success in anything so that said……while I can neither confirm or deny this report I have on good authority that a “gentleman’s agreement” exist for the Tigers to have a new shortstop that has a D somewhere in his name that will not cost the tigers any draft picks in the area of $10M…..we shall see. On a totally unrelated note Jim Palmer was quoted on the O’s Sox feed as saying that “according to Dr. Andrews relief pitchers that throw over 15 pitches in an inning every pitch over 15 counts as two pitches on the arm”….REALLY..so if anyone out there is thinking about say managing the Seattle Mariners…….well now you know.

  2. Well they are 10% into the season and already squeezing the bat too tight with runners in scoring position… they need to relax. Miggy not hitting is putting more pressure on guys that aren’t normal run producers. And they aren’t producing… They are making MEDIOCRE pitchers like Danks into all-stars….. Some opinions at the 10% mark: Hunter has lost more than a step or two in the field – Starting pitching still looks as dominant as last year, so Fister shouldn’t be missed very much – Evan Reed is going to be a bonus the bullpen needed, at least for now – the replay rules BLOW and the games are taking way too long! – I’m ok with Romine at short, good glove and decent light hitter – This is going to be a long grueling season with more ups and downs than even last year. All we can hope for is Miggy turns it around. If not forget it. A final thought for the night – when applying the tag all fielders need to put the glove in front of the base they are trying to prevent the runner from reaching safely. Swipe-tagging the guy on the knee or thigh isn’t going to get an out called anymore. Baseball 101. Class dismissed….

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