Tigers 5 Yankees 2 – All Hail Freeway Ricky

The Freewayman was smokin balls again tonight. He picked up his 15th win of the season. He didn’t go the distance but he lasted eight complete. The only blemishes are the two home runs he gave up Ellsbury.

J.D. and Torii led the way offensively.

Quietly, Castellanos and Suarez have started to look a lot better at the plate.

I don’t understand the defensive replacement tonight. DK in for J.D.? J.D. provided much needed offense, including a two out RBI. Additionally, a three run lead is hardly safe with the turd in to close.

I’ll take the win.

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4 thoughts on “Tigers 5 Yankees 2 – All Hail Freeway Ricky

  1. They were flashing leather tonight.. But great pitching begets great fielding.. They enjoy playing behind a pitcher that throws strikes and works quickly.. And yes, the 9th inning defensive replacements are getting silly.. I’ve yet to see one instance where it mattered. I can’t believe he’s a major league manager.

  2. “a pitcher that throws strikes and works quickly”….pretty much sums it up. Nice game to watch I will take the W….however it hurts me to watch Miggy now and with Sanche done…well Bartolo Colon? It’s a race but IF they to the post season it just won’t be pretty. And Nathans post game interview? F***k YOU SHUT UP AND PITCH!

    • Luckily, I didn’t see the Turd’s interview. As my brother would say, “fuck him in the ear!”.

      AND I’M SICK AND TIRED OF THESE STUPID DEFENSIVE REPLACEMENTS!!! Remember the Clete Thomas / Ryan Rayburn defensive replacements. Thomas was one of the worst outfielders I ever saw, next to Dirksy. Sorry, I had to get that one in.

      Speaking for Good Ole Dirksy, where is he?

  3. Dirksy will soon find himself in the Clete Thomas Hall of Fame, along with all the other promising Tigers outfielders – Brent Clevelan, Ryan Raburn, Gorkys Hernadez, Cameron Maybin, Darko (oh wait wrong sport!)… Can’t even think of one that made it other than Granderson..

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