Tigers 3 Royals 2

The Tiger survived terrible fielding by Ian Kinsler and Eugenio Suarez, and terrible relief from Joba and the turd, and squeezed out a narrow victory in KC.

The win increased the Tigers lead to 2.5 games in the AL Central.

A few things to note:

  1. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a starting pitcher, who wasn’t injured, ask to come out of a game. Is Scherzer just playing for his contract as it has been suggested on this site? It appears so,. For as horrible as JV has been I have never seen him ask to come out of a game. In fact, JV reminds me of Jack Morris, who had a conniption anytime he was removed.
  2. I’m starting to like Tyler Collins.
  3. I’m beginning to question the value of replay. Baseball headquarters said that the play where Perez didn’t tag up was not reviewable. Really? Why?
  4. Romine has to be the regular shortstop. Neither he nor Suarez is much of a hitter, but Suarez looks like an asshat in the field.

Joba and Nathan were not good. That’s why the Tigers need the starters to go as deep into games as humanly possible. Any started that would willingly give way to this bullpen deserves his fate.

How long is this team going to sick with Nathan? Does he have cost the Tigers a Pennant or World Series for BA and DD to admit they made a mistake?


4 thoughts on “Tigers 3 Royals 2

  1. Ugly win but I’ll take it at this time of year. Scherzer is not a gamer like JV. As us is a dipshit. As I said earlier this week, when was the last time Joba had a no-run inning? Been a long time. And when was the last time Nathan had a clean inning. He is playing with fire, and the ineptitude of the KC offense bailed him out today. As well as their dipshit manager using Ibanez as a PH in that situation. As for the appeal play at 3rd, the rules apparently state it’s not a reviewable play. I agree with you as to why not? However the fact the scoreboard operator played the video allowed the umps to reverse their original call. As much as KC probably has a beef about how things were handled, it’s kind of like arguing the killer should be set free because of mishandling of evidence. He was out end of story. KC continues to crap the bed on the big stage.

  2. Well if you read the KC press Yost has lost his mind and games down the stretch. I don’t agree 100% but the more I watch the Tigers pen the more convinced I am that the Tigers better not let their golf clubs get to far away. As far as Nathan goes if the orders to pitch him aren’t coming from farther up the food chain well than BA is one & done. Nathan must go before they get to the postseason.An ugly win will turn into just plain UGLY & out!

  3. I agree Nebraska. Nathan has been bailed out by a crap KC offense, Better teams will carve him up, such as Minny. Why give up two major prospects for Soria if he isn’t going to pitch this year. Seems the only thing Ausmus has learned so far is Carrera NOT a defensive replacement. Slow learner… I fully expect Soria to save the game for Ricky tomorrow..

  4. AND WHY WAS SORIA WARMING UP ? Did the turd have to blow the save for him to come in? As far as I’m concerned, Soria should have come in when the turd gave up the first hit.

    Now, I don’t think Soria is Rivera, but it is well past time to try SOMETHING ELSE.

    Joba has turned into the guys the Yankees had no use for anymore.

    When it is all said and done, if the pen blew this game, it should have been shoved up Scherzer’s ass.

    I wouldn’t mind trying to sign Big Game James in the off season if he will come a a discount to Max, a big discount.

    Scherzer will probably get the contract he wants from the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox or Cubs. GOOD RIDDANCE.

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