Angels 8 Tigers 7

Seven runs should be enough to win a game but you know the story.  Basically, I’m tuning in to watch J.D. Martinez, James McCann, hopefully Miggy win a batting title, and perhaps JV return to an ace level pitcher.  Other than that, there’s not a whole lot to watch.

If the Tigers were getting anything out of Victor, this offense would be putting up numbers like the Blue Jays, but he’s is just a wasted spot in the order.  He is very difficult to watch. He’s doing nothing.

If I were Huston Street I wouldn’t have pitched to Miggy in the eighth.  I don’t care if he were 0-20 against me.  He’s hitting just under .500 since his return from the DL and Victor was on deck. No way. Actually, I don’t care who was on deck. The Angels are lucky Miggy didn’t burn them.

VerHagen looked pretty good tonight.

FYI: Nick Castellanos’s base running is exponentially worse than his fielding.

I wonder how playoff ticket sales are going?

James McCann | Fires a Bazooka

From his knees on Sunday, 8/23/2015, to cut down a base runner.

Listen to Rod Allen say “he needs a license to carry that gun”.

I love Rod.  I wish he they would just leave him as the color guy for all of the games.  Nothing agains Jack Morris, he is my all-time favorite pitcher/Tigers player, but Rod is the best.  He makes this crappy baseball bearable to watch.  I often said he was the best thing about the 2003 season. So if anyone from the Tigers or Fox is reading, leave Rod alone and let him do the games.

And do something about the $12 chicken fingers.

Reds 12 Tigers 5


There is no need to talk about the pitching. We’ve beaten that horse to death.

Although they weren’t charged with an error they make enough mistakes on a game by game basis, that aren’t recorded on the scoresheet, that make it nearly impossible to win.

Why was Castellanos two feet in front of the bag on the double steal with one out in the sixth?

Why did J.D. throw to second instead of home?

Isn’t Gorzelanny’s new arm angle fantastic?

How many more more double plays are the Tigers going to hit into?

Is anybody interested in $12 chicken fingers? They give you fries along with three pieces of chicken.

How about playoff tickets?

I hate them.

Tigers Lose Series To Rangers

After pulling off their first three game winning streak in nearly two months the Tigers gave it right back by losing the next three, at home, to the Texas Rangers.  The pitching wasn’t the problem.  The offense, once again, decided to go into hibernation.

For whatever reason, they don’t like to support Verlander with runs.  On Friday night, despite three doubles, Miggy’s asinine antics on the bases cost the Tigers at least two runs.

I didn’t see one pitch on Saturday but they didn’t score until the ninth and yesterday they couldn’t get a hit with runners on base.

They’re back to the seventh grade cacophony of nonsense and their front office has the audacity to ask us for a deposit on playoff tickets.  That’s right up there with $12 chicken fingers.  I’m at the point where I’m ready to tell them to shove their season tickets up their greedy arses.  Have they no shame? (rhetorical)

Tigers 4 Rangers 0

Where did this come from? A winning streak?  Three games in a row?  A complete game, one hitter from Alfredo Simon?  Wow! Victor Martinez Flashin’ Leather ? For one game the seventh grade band class looked like a symphony.

On the same day the Tigers put both Daniel Norris and Anibal Sanchez on the DL, Alfredo Simon came up with his first complete game and first shut of his career, and gave the Tigers their first three game winning streak since the end of June.  It is probably too late to mean anything but it’s always nice to win games.

JV pitches tonight and I’ll be there.  Four in a row perhaps?

Logo of the Month: Greensboro Grasshoppers

Sweet Minor League Logo!

Minoring In Baseball

grasshoppersLocation: Greensboro, North Carolina

Home Field: NewBridge Bank Park

League: South Atlantic League

Affiliation: Miami Marlins

Summary: The third day of this year’s baseball trip will be a busy one (they all will be…). Our first stop will be in Winston-Salem to watch Wake Forest play the Miami Hurricanes in some college action. Then, we’ll be hitting the pavement forty minutes east to Greensboro, to see the Grasshoppers face the Lakewood Blue Claws. I’m really psyched about my first ‘Hoppers game, and the pictures of the ballpark look amazing. I really love the logo and the uniforms are pretty sweet. What makes a game special for us, though, is the great fans we get to meet. Thanks to the guys over at Hoppers Fan, I’m getting a pretty solid preview of the loyal fans that turn out game after game to support this team! I’m really anticipating having a lot of…

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