Twins 8 Tigers 4

Is this team better since the David Price trade?

Every Other Start Price was horrible today.

In crunch time the starters have decided to pack it in. The strength of this team has become another weakness. The best Tigers starters down the stretch have been Freeway Ricky and Kyle Lobstein. JV, Scherzer, and Price, have been bad.

I can’t complain at all about the offense, except for Kinsler, they have been mashing the ball but what was Hunter doing in the seventh? The Tigers got away with bad base running on the home stand but it shot them in the foot today.

As much as it hurts me to say, this team doesn’t deserve to make the playoffs.

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Tigers 5 Tribe 4

They call him “A Squared Money”, well at least I do, and he came up big. He hit a two run, game winning homer, in the bottom of the eight that preserved the Tigers half game lead in the central.

I have been hard on Avila, especially in the middle of the season, but he’s had a knack for big hits this year. Hats off to Alex Avila.

Kyle Lobstein was ok considering this was only his 4th big league start. So far, he seems to be an adequate 5th starter.

The bullpen, Soria, Chamberlain, and Nathan got the job done, although I wanted to scream when the turd walked the leadoff man in the ninth.

The Royals dusted the Red Sox tonight.

Completing the sweep would be nice.

“We shall see.”

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Tigers 6 Giants 1

Where would the Tigers be without Kyle Lobstein? He’s only made three starts but they have come at critical times and he has come through strong each time. I wish some of the regular starters were as consistent.

Behind Lobstein the Tigers were able to avoid another sweep at the hands of the Giants.

What’s up with Miggy? He has five home-runs in the last week. I can’t believe he’s feeling that much better but I’d rather not look a gift horse in the mouth.

I’ll take the W.

Tigers 4 Indians 2

The Tigers had chance after chance to blow this game wide open. Only in the first inning did the Tigers go out 1-2-3 but couldn’t get the big hit.

Until the 9th. Hats off to Torii Hunter. He doesn’t walk much but worked a lead-off walk in the 9th that seemed to get things started. “Fear His Awesomeness” followed with his third hard hit ball of the night ( This DH thing might be just what the Dr. ordered?). After Victor flied out, J.D. crushed a three-run homer to give the Tigers the lead for good. I think J.D. was still fuming from the bad third strike call that ended his previous at-bat. Whatever the case, the Tigers needed a big hit, and J.D. delivered.

WTF, Kyle Lobstein? He looked good in his first outing against the Yankees but didn’t strike anybody out. In fact, according to Dan Dickerson and Jim Price, he had only one swing and miss. Yesterday was a different story. He struck out 10 Indians in 5.1 and allowed only two runs. Its amazing how much better a few wins makes me feel.

Tigers 3 Yankees 2

It would have been criminal to lose this game. After the last two call-up starts by Ray and Farmer, Lobstein comes in and gives you six innings and one earned run, you better win.

For a while it looked like the shitty offense wouldn’t come through but key hits from unexpected places, Avila and Davis, were enough to pull this one out in the ninth. Avila actually drove in two of the three runs. In the ninth, it looked like he was looking for the slider on the first pitch.

Is it as painful for anyone else, as it is for me, to watch Miggy this year? I feel bad for him. He’s just not his old self.

The substitutions have become a farce. BA pretty much emptied the bench today. I’m not sure what he would have done if the game went extra innings. Perhaps he would have had the turd catch. In any event, like Sark said, all these moves are just silly.

I’ll take the W.

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