Yankees 7 Tigers 2

So what do you get when you can’t hit, you can’t pitch, and you can’t run the bases? A 7-2 beat down. This is three games in a row after winning 6 of 8. JV did what he does in Yankee Stadium, gives up home runs.

Kinlser is a liability on offense. When he does get on base he finds a way to make an out. And it is time for Castellanos to either ride the bench or go down to Toledo. He gives the Tigers nothing offensively and is a liability defensively. If Ausmus has to bring in Romine for a defensive replacement late in games, why exactly is Castellanos playing? He’s not producing with the bat.

I hate them.

Reds 5 Tigers 2

Kyle Ryan was cruising along until he wasn’t.  Still, the only runs he gave up were courtesy of solo home runs.  This seems to be an epidemic among Tigers pitchers this year.  Once they give a long ball they can’t stop.  It’s like eating one potato chip.  It begins to snowball.  Before you know it they’ve given up four bombs and the game is over or you’re 300 pounds but I digress.  It is a very odd phenomena that I wish would stop, along with hitting into double plays.

It didn’t take Reds manager Bryan Price long to realize it probably isn’t a good idea to keep pitching to Jose Miguel Cabrera. I suspect he won’t get much to hit in Cincinnati either.

The Tigers caught a bit of bad break on the line drive hit by Cespedes that hit the Reds pitcher, Michael Lorenzen.  That should have scored a couple instead of only one.

Back to the drawing board.

Tigers 6 Reds 0

Our old friend, Brennan “B Squared Money” Boesch, just keeps showing up and I’m not sure why. Not that have any ill will towards him, or anyone else for that matter, but I just can’t figure out why teams keep having a look at him.  Perhaps there is little risk and the price is right?  Granted, he did win the Pacific Coast League batting title last year but he looks like the same old B Squared Money to me.

When Boesch first came up, you’ll remember, he was on fire for two months, exactly 30 days longer than Chris “Red Pop” Sheldon.  In fact, B Squared Money, almost hit himself onto the all-star team. Unlike, Red Pop, who I knew was going to to cool off, I wasn’t sure about Boesch.  I didn’t like his lack of plate discipline but he was making a lot of hard contact.  I thought, he’s either a left handed Vladimir Guerrero or a left handed Red Pop.  He was the latter.  Did I mention he plays the outfield like I do?  (I’m fat, have a bad back, and haven’t played since 8th grade. )  I guess my question for major league organizations is, haven’t you seen enough?

Getting to the game, Anibal pitched a gem and Miggy and J.D. might be heating up. Now add to that, Victor, JV and Rondon coming back and perhaps I had started on the obit prematurely?  I’ve been told I have a tendency to fly off the handle?

Have I mentioned that I sat through about 50 home games in 2003?  Remember, the year they lost 119 games?

I’m not hating this team that much right now.  Funny, winning does that to me.

Tigers draft Gibson

Minoring In Baseball

With their 160th pick, the Tigers drafted Cam Gibson out of Michigan State. With their 160th pick, the Tigers drafted Cam Gibson out of Michigan State.

The Detroit Tigers have drafted Cam Gibson in the 5th round with their 160th pick. Not really ground breaking news, other than the fact that Cam is the son of Tiger legend Kirk Gibson. Like his father before him, Cam is currently attending Michigan State University. Of course it’s unknown at this point if Cam, who just finished his junior season, will return to MSU or join the Tigers organization. As a junior, he had a career-best 10 doubles and 17 stolen bases. He hit .294 while hitting five home runs and posting 32 RBI’s. We had a chance to see Cam play back in 2013 when he was a member of the Battle Creek Bombers.

Drafting family members of current and former Tiger players and management is nothing new. In fact, Detroit just drafted RHP Ryan…

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Tigers 8 Indians 1

The Tigers didn’t exactly get to Corey Kluber but they touched him for two runs, including another monster blast from Jose Miguel Cabrera, and the rain did the rest. Both starters, Kluber and Simon, only lasted five innings thanks to a two hour rain delay.  The Tigers then beat the Indians pen into a conniption.

J.D. Martinez got some redemption with a three run homer to break the game open after the rain delay that extended the Tigers lead to 5-0.

It is one game, one series, but we’ll take it.

The Reds come to town tomorrow and we’ll welcome Nebraska back.

Indians 5 Tigers 4

J.D. Martinez deserved a better fate. He played splendidly. Almost single handedly, he willed the Tigers across the finish line. He made an excellent catch in right; he had a big RBI double and a home run. Instead of ending the game by bouncing into a 5-4-3 double play it would have been more appropriate if he had extended or won the game in the bottom of the ninth.

It was not to be. The series is even and they have to beat reigning Cy Young winner Corey Kluber to win the series.

We shall see.

Tigers 4 Indians 0

With two on and one out in the bottom of the sixth inning of a scoreless game at Comerica Park, we saw something that we used to see fairly frequently, but haven’t seen much of this year.  Jose Miguel Cabrera beat the first pitch he saw from Indians pitcher Danny Salazar into an absolute conniption.  The ball went into the camera well that hovers above and behind the center field wall.  It had to travel at least 450 feet from home plate.

Miggy’s monster mash was huge for several reasons, not the least of which was that it came when the Tigers needed it most.  Up until that time they really hadn’t done much off of Salazar.  Second, it came in a night game and for whatever reason, he hasn’t been hitting well at night this year.  Third, he hit the first pitch of the at-bat.  He usually jumps on first pitches but not so much this season. I know it is one game and one at-bat but we haven’t seen a lot of vintage Miggy this year.

David Price pitched his second consecutive complete game shutout.  I was surprised when Dan Dickerson said this was only the third shutout of this career.  In any case, I believe our old friend Freeway Ricky had back to back complete game shutouts last year.

I realized something else today, I like when the Tigers turn double plays a lot better than when they hit into them. I believe the Tigers turned four to the Indians one this evening.

One last thing, Iggy, Kinsler and Miggy have been flashin leather and really look like a good double play combination.  Don’t shove it down my throat tomorrow guys.

Cubs 12 Tigers 3

The modest three game recovery came to an end with a 12-3 thrashing at the hands of the Cubs. Shane Greene is a mess and if he doesn’t figure it out soon, he needs to come out of the rotation. Maybe JV will come in and be able to fill a spot on Saturday but they can’t keep sending Greene out there. The offense tried to come back but the bullpen is out of bullets. Unfortunately, when the pen was smokin balls the offense couldn’t score. The team is out of sync. Let’s see if JV can be a shot in the arm.

Tigers 6 Cubs 0

Good pitching. Good defense. Six runs scored including no double plays hit into. That gets the Tigers a modest three game winning streak. I’m not back on the bandwagon but it has been a lot easier to watch than the previous eight. Hey, even Joba helped out tonight. He got a big bases loaded strike out to preserve Sanchez’s line to end the eighth.

If Nebraska were around he’d say, ‘we shall see’ and we shall.