Cardinals 2 Tigers 1

A sweep would have been nice but I’ll take 2 out of 3, on the road, against the Cardinals, any time.  Although there wasn’t much offense to speak of Yoenis Cespedes flashed some leather.  He made a nice running catch in the second.  In the seventh, the made a good, one hop, throw to the plate to cut down Jhonny Peralta to keep the game tied.  On the back end of the throw, James McCann made an excellent pick and tag.  After the play I couldn’t help wondering if Avila would have made the play.  Speaking of A Squared Money, does he still have a job?

Am I the only one that found John Kruk and Curt Schilling’s incessant Miggy worshipping too much to take?  It was making his at-bats hard to watch.  JMC is probably the best right handed hitter I’ve ever seen but enough already.  They were acting like fifteen year old girls, in the 80’s, at a Rick Springfield concert.  Hmmm, I’m showing my age.

Tigers 4 Cardinals 3

This was a nice win that gives the Tigers a series win over a quality opponent regardless of what happens tonight during Sunday night baseball.

Miggy hit his 400th home run and the Cardinals helped out by running themselves out of potential rallies.

Don’t look now but the bullpen doesn’t look too bad.

Tigers 13 Twins 1

Forgive me if I’m not impressed by the 13 run, 20 hit, offensive output. All it does is skew the average numbers for the casual observer. I’ll take the W and the series win but watch them go another six games scoring six runs or less.

Twins 6 Tigers 2

I’m just going to call them the two run Tigers. I guess that is the max output for this high priced, high powered offense. I won’t even discuss the pitching. You can’t ask for lights out pitching every game. The guys that swing get paid too! ” I hate them!”

Tigers 2 Twins 1

So I’m still on the road but had to comment. What is up with this offense? For the last few years the problem was the guys setting the table for Miggy and Vmart. Now it is the opposite. The table setters are doing their jobs and are not getting driven in. Miggy looks terrible!!! The silver lining is that J.D. Looks to be coming around but six runs in the last 38 innings isn’t going to get it done!!

Tigers 4 White Sox 1

Where would the Tigers be without Kyle Lobstein? He came through, again, yesterday afternoon in Chicago to rescue the Tigers from a three game debacle in Chicago to end their 10 game road trip 5-5.

The Lober has pitched more than adequately for a fifth starter, and quite frankly, has pitched better than the third and fourth starters in the rotation. Twenty-nine games into the season, Kyle Lobstein, just might be the Tigers’ MVP.

Hey, whatdaya know, Brad Ausmus might be thinking twice about wanting to be known as the dumbest manager in baseball. He brought Soria in for a four out save. Perhaps an old dog can learn new tricks.

KC is in town this weekend. I’ll be at Sunday’s night game. I’ll be watching tonight and tomorrow from a comfortable perch in chilly Las Vegas.